The Tarnished Chinese Dream

Causes and Consequences of Chinese Graduate Unemployment in China

Educational expansion over the past decade in China promised to distribute the prestige of higher education and the profits of market reform to millions more Chinese students. However, the graduate labor market has not kept pace with the expansion, leaving at least a million students jobless every year. The dearth of prospects for so many of its brightest young people cuts to the heart of Chinese society, a society rooted in the veneration of education. Therefore, this thesis assesses the causes of growing unemployment among recent college graduates in China and analyzes its social and political consequences.
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Senior Thesis Presented 2011

Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs

Princeton University

Motivating Young Adults to Vote

Examining Social-Psychological Explanations for the Electoral Energy of Generation O

This paper proposes a study to evaluate social-­psychological explanations for recent trends in youth political participation and predict the future development of these trends. First, it will examine and describe election trends from 2004 to 2008, the “electoral story of Generation O.” Then, it will organize and present the literature on motives for political participation in an adapted framework. It will analyze the methods of the Obama campaign in inspiring youth voter turnout within this framework. Finally, it will elaborate on the design and methods of a study to obtain empirical evidence in support of previous qualitative observations.
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Final Paper / Research Proposal

PSY 463 Political Psychology

Princeton University